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    Adult Hosting directory *for sale*

    XXXWebHost Guide

    It's pay-per-click based directory

    We sell the whole package: customized perl scripts (full license with unlimited free updates) + actual design (and very basic logo)+ domain + 19 hosting companies already registered. It is a totally new project that has not been promoted yet

    If you want, we can include the hosting package in this deal.

    PM me with your offer if you are interested. Minimum bid: 300$

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    I'm right behind you.
    What is the traffic on that site?

    and what do you offer the system, if so please write the features and all other info you can porvide for the site
    Marketing For Hosting Companies:

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    These are some features:

    1) Only daily unique clicks are counted (to prevent fake clicking).
    2) Clicks are counted, the site is charged according to how much they bid
    3) MEMBERS AREA, where registered companies create/modify/delete their listings, modify bids and add deposits (Paypal, 2checkout and clickbank are fully integrated)
    4) Optionally, the admin can approve each submission to the search engine.
    5) You can start new accounts at any $ balance you want. This is useful if you want to give free funds for signing up.
    6) AFFILIATE PROGRAM INCLUDED! (actually it is not activated)
    7) Admin panel with full control
    8) Mailing list included
    9) more...

    If you are interested, we can give you access to our admin panel so you can see all details

    This directory is based upon a commercial pay-per-click script, but
    we have made some changes and customization based on our design(for example, now the bids are on categories, not keywords)
    It uses flat text database, but it can easily manage thousands of listings and medium-big traffic

    We are selling this directory because it's not our core business and we don't have the necessary budget to promote it.
    Actually the traffic is very low or null because it is online since June 1 and it has not been promoted yet (except an advertising spot on WebmasterVault).

    Sorry for my english, let me know if I can be of any help

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