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    Question about DNS

    I bought a VPS.

    I've bought a domain name in a registrar.

    Now I have to point the domain to my server

    In my Cpanel, I can add a dns with an IP for primary and secondary dns.

    Can I choose the DNS I want ?
    Can I create a new dsn even if it's not a registered domain name ?

    Thank you

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    You can chose a registered domain name as the nameservers. Go to the domain registrar control panel, create child nameservers and and point it to your server IPs.

    Then create the nameserver informations in your server either via WHM or via SSH.

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    so parent

    ok, thank you,

    if I well understand , parent name server are stored on my server, and not in my registrar ?

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    you have to register the nameserver to use it global with your domain registrar
    and then you can add a record for your new nameserver to your domain in your server ... one of the leaders providing web service in Arab Region..

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