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    Transferring away from 1and1/1&1

    Hi guys,

    I have a couple domains at 1and1 (registered as part of a hosting package) that I'm trying to transfer to Namecheap. I've done the standard steps (unlock domain, EPP code), and Namecheap sends me emails asking me to agree to the transfer, but it doesn't seem to go through.

    On the status screen at NC it shows "Domain transfer initiated and awaiting approval" and "Transfer in progress for *******.com. No known issues at this time." These sound like good things, but the transfer inevitably fails anyways.

    Basically, my question is whether 1and1 requires me to do anything special to transfer away. I've clicked the "Transfer" button in the domain management screen but it shows no outgoing transfers. In fact, throughout the whole process I've never received one piece of communication from 1and1, nor any type of acknowledgment that there are even any transfers in progress.

    Thanks in advance

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    Trekster did you unlock domain?

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    How long have these domains been registered? Newly registered domains can't be transferred away.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Here's the problem. Initially the domains were not unlocked, so nothing happened for around a week. I then realised my mistake, unlocked the domains, and told Namecheap to cancel everything so that I could give it another try.

    On this last round, all (3) of the domains I'm transferring are unlocked. Two of the domains are giving the "awaiting approval" message, while one of them gave me an error that it's already in the process of being transferred.

    After looking through some older threads (can't link to anything yet, so put this thread ID in the url bar: 4300661), I came to the conclusion that I should change the whois info to public, as opposed to private. I'm not even sure if that's necessary (emails sent to the private whois address would forward to me), but I doubt it can hurt.

    Oceanworld, the domains themselves have been registered for approaching a year now.

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