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    Apache 2.2.4 explainations

    I installed Apache 2.2.4 on my test server and It seems that apache 2.2.x has decided to take out many good modules like mod_expires they are not automatically installed like they were in 1.3x now I was hoping some one can guide me a tut on how I can add mod_expires to my apache 2.2.4

    also by installing apache 2.2.4 does that modify eaccelerator?

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    If you are using php 5.2 as well, I'd recomend using apc. Apc is going to be shipped with php6 by default anyway.

    If you compiled eaccelator rather than installing it from a distrobution package, you may need to reinstall it, particularly if you upgraded many libraries. Make sure you get rid of all flies installed by the old install first. (this is why I recomend never installing stuff that doesn't come packaged for your distro)

    Mod_cache and children are stable in 2.2 and they kick *** btw.

    As far as adding modules, that depends on the linux distrobution you're using. (insert obligitory debian plug here)

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