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    Experienced PHP/MySQL/Javascript/etc. scripter accepting requests

    Web-based Scripting (not certified, but highly proficient)
    • 7+ years h- sh- xh- tml;
    • 3+ years PHP4, and ability to use PHP5 to a certain extent;
    • 2+ years CSS;
    • 2+ years MySQL (both API- and command-line- based);
    • 1+ year Javascript, XML, AJAX;
    • < 1 year Perl, Bash.
    I have quite a bit of free time and will accept jobs that are suited towards my above listed skills. Looking for immediate contracts. Contact via PM, or via my email.

    Payment via paypal desired.

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    Hi, I've got some work for a reliable coder. One thing, you don't have PMs yet (I think you need a few posts before they're allowed) and you can't email, do you have Googletalk?

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    Yes, mshockle [at] gmail [dot] com

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