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    Getting domain back from redemptionPeriod at Schlund + Partner / 1and1

    I had registered domain via 1and1 over 2 years ago and after not notifying me they had let it laps and it went into redemption period. I would like not to deal with 1and1 AT ALL but retrieve my domain and have it transferred to another registrant i do business with. Any way I can contact Schlund + Partner directly to do this? Any one had successfully done similar things ?
    Please help.

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    If the .com domain name is in redemption period, only the last sponsoring registrar
    can redeem it. Your only other options are to wait for it to become available or make
    a backorder for it with the top 2-3 providers in the biz if you can afford it.

    Unfortunately IIRC, 1&1/Schlund doesn't do redemption. Feel free to correct me if
    anyone got them to do so.

    Why they supposedly didn't notify you is anyone's guess.

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    "last sponsoring registrar can redeem it" - meaning what ? I said i registered it via 1&1 via Schlund.
    1&1 can redeame it see their FAQ, there is a form that you fax, but i rather die than have them do anything for me
    So back to question how can i contact Schlund to redeam my domain from "redemption period"

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    You don't. 1&1 is Schlund. They discontinued their Schlund brand at the beginning of this year and you you will most probably referred to in the matter.

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