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    Please HELP - Redesigned site/Hosting Options

    Hey guys, I am in a serious predicament. I have been working on redesigning a website for a non-profit organization ( This website is currently hosted by Silas Partners ( The current website is on a database driven system.

    The website I have been working on redesigning is a static HTML based site. We have been working with Christian Appalachian Project to make sure they are content with their current website. The site was supposed to go live this week. However, the company asked if they could keep their old website and have their new website as well... They suggested having an intro page where viewers could choose to enter the old site or enter the new site.

    The problem is this:
    I talked with Silas Partners, and they said it was not possible for me to upload the HTML files/graphics to their hosting server. Since the website is on this database system, the said it was not possible. This means that I will not be able to have an intro page, nor can the new website be hosted on this same server.

    I have no idea what to do. Below is a list of options that I have come up with. I'm not sure which option is the best - or if any of them are really viable. Someone please HELP ME!!

    CAP options:

    1) Keep current website with Silas Partners, buy new domain/hosting for new site

    Pros: Little effort involved, all files and email address would remain in tact, would be a very quick process

    Cons: Is not smart to have two completely different websites for one company can be confusing to visitors. Would cost more money (not much domain registration plus monthly fee).

    2) Delete current website, get new host and upload new site to

    Pros: Get rid of old site and have one website where everyone will go.

    Cons: CAP will lose all info on their current website. All emails etc will have to be setup on a new server, and on personal computers. This could cause a huge mess also, these new email server configurations may not work with the Donation-Net email services. This solution has a lot of what-ifs and could be very complicated.

    3) Have Silas Partners code a template for the new CAP website that would work on their database system

    Pros: Could be the best solution in terms of usability and functionality still working

    Cons: What is the cost of this? Is it even possible?

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    The story doesn't make sense... from what you're saying there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to upload that site as well

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