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    Logo for my show

    hey guys and gals. usually i'd be doing the helping/designing but this time i'm the one in need.

    i started a venture a little bit ago that has been really taxing on my design time. in fact, i haven't had time to do any designing for almost a year

    the site i'm talking about is centered around a podcast show. so i'd like something incorporated with a mouth, a mic, teeth...ya know something about it that would signal "live on the mic" or something of that nature.

    anyway, i need a logo for a site of mine. my budget is $50. i've been around and know there are some incredible logo designers out there and i'm hoping one of you will take on the task.

    this logo needs to be FIRE..and by that i don't mean actual fire but i mean i really want it to draw attention.

    i'll give more details via PM. thanks all.

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    This is something we can be of assistance. You are welcome to take advantage of our current illustration promo.

    Thank you very much.

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    Please review our logo portfolio at:


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