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    75,000 uniques/month - Graphics/Webmaster Related - Banner spots available

    Im selling 6 slots (728x90 or 468x60) top of the page.

    Site receives about 75,000 uniques/month and about 380,000 pages views, although on good months it jumps into the 500,000-600,000 page views range.

    unlimited impressions
    $250 for 3 months
    $450 for 6 months

    let me know if your interested.

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    I have updated what is being offered. 1,000,000 Pages views are now available for $100.

    Im offering 8 spots in a unlimited banner rotation on 4 of my websites. ( Traffic for Bluesfear: (Traffic for all 3 sites:

    Combining the traffic of the 4 sites generates 140,000 uniques/month and over 1,000,000 pages views.

    Im am offering only 8 spots and your banner will be displayed randomly on all 4 sites.

    Banners will be placed at the top to the pages, either next the the site banner or right below it. (728x90 or 468x60 banners sizes are available)

    Im using a simple banner script, so it only provides views and clicks, but does not provide any sales information.

    The price is based on length of time and is $100/month. This works out to be about 125,000 imp each which equals about $.85 CPM. This is extremely cheap and this is of course if all 8 spots are taken. Impressions will be much much higher if all spots are not filled.

    PM if you are interested. I can do weeks or multiple months at a discount if your interested.

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    This doesn't work for some reason.

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    I'm interested in putting my link somewhere on the right side of the site. Please send me your pricing plans.

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