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    Billing Manager and IMA/Payment Processors


    I am currently looking at different methods of receivng credit and debit card payments on my website.

    I am most likely going to use ClientExec, or my second choice would be Ubersmith.

    I would either open up an account with 2CheckOut and let them handle the processing of payments, this is a lot cheaper obviously to get going but can it be integrated with either of the above?

    Other than that (being UK based) I would open up a IMA Account and Payment Processing package with WorldPay, but again can that be integrated into either ClientExec or Ubersmith?

    I know the differences between these 2 methods and 2CheckOut definitely seems the best for a small company to use, but I have heard that any customers can request a refund within 180 days of purchase for any reason and 2CO will automtically refund the payment without contacting you, is this true?

    And does anyone know how easy it is to manually issue refunds with either of these payment options (I know there are charges etc)? As my company would offer a 7 day moneyback gaurantee...

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    The 180 days is usually controlled by the issuing bank - not the processor. For example, Bank of America debit card with the Visa logo usually is two billing cycles. American Express - I don't even think they have an expiration.

    As far as issuing refunds, the control panel should allow you to issue these refunds with ease if needed.

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