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    Question Reseller make 3k/mth?

    Hi, i am new to reseller hosting, and after viewing few of the reseller plan, I still cant figure out the profit margin in running this business. What is the edge?

    if i am looking for $3k sales.
    How many website should i host for others?
    And what is my profit margin like?

    pls help

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    It comes down to how much will you be selling hosting plans for, what you expenses will be, and how many customers you have.

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    Are you looking to make $3,000 per month net or gross? Either way, it may not happen right away, but if that is your goal then you need to look at your operating costs, set your prices competitively and then calculate how many websites you need to host in order to take care of your overhead and pocket $3,000.
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    you can easily generate that from a single client if you have a strong enough value statement and you offer them a hosted solution/services offering backed by a solid business case showing a lower total cost of ownership vs what/how they are doing <insert whatever here> today.

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