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    Email @mydomain question

    I just sign up godaddy email account premium plan, what i get is 100email accounts and 2gb of total. I also purchased a domain name.

    My questions:

    1. I think 2gb for 100 email accounts are too small for me, is there anyway to upgrade to bigger storage? or i have to purchase web hosting so that my email storage will get bigger?

    2. I try to follow all the instructions provided by godaddy for the microsoft outlook setting of email. I cannot successful receive email, the problem is from the incoming mail server. Godaddy website asked us to fill in with mail.(Domainname).com, so i fill in with the domain name which i just purchased and it doesn't work, just keep pop out and ask me to put in username and password. pls help me

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    you might need to wait 24-48hrs for the dns to update? -100% Google Adsense Revenue | - Worldwide VIP Hotels
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    Where do you come from? I think that ruptbot is right. Somewhere you can see changes faster and somewher you can see ganges less faster.
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    2gb for 100 email accounts. Indeed it's not enough, you should chose something else..
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    Do an nslookup against your DNS Server that your domain is hosted on and see if you get a correct response, if you do, wait 24-48 Hours and then check your outlook again.
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    Yep , are you sure its all propagated? I recommend getting your own hosting though, you can get alot more space and unlimited email adresses. Look around on WHT , and other sites for webhosts.
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    bsdwork, what you did was called "Reviving and old thread" which is extremely dumb considering that this post originated January 2007.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Obvious View Post
    bsdwork, what you did was called "Reviving and old thread"
    And so, it's closed.
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