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    newbie bind/apache help


    i recently purchased a vps running centos4 - apache is set up, and i see my web site when i go to the vps ip address, but i have no idea how to configure (via webmin) bind and apache. i would like to host several web sites, allow each domain to have mysql databases, and modify A records. my vps came without a control panel installed, but i have loaded webmin.

    how do i go about setting this up? any help is appreciated!

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    If you have Bind and Apache installed, you can configure it via Webmin >> Servers >>DNS Services. Also, there is an option in the same page to configure apache as well.

    The entries on named and apache will be automatically created while creating the account, so no need to worry much about them.

    Anyway, if you are unsure about managing the webmin CP, I would suggest you to go for an expert or change your CP to some user-friendly ones like CPanel.

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    If your provider offers debian images on VPS, I suggest you to use a free control panel very easily installed on debian-3.1. The name of the control panel is VHCS. It has the features you wish (mysql and apache), each domain can create mysql databases and its own ftp users and emails.

    It also supports centos, but the installation on debian is made easy by a script they have there.

    There's also another good free control panel named webcp:

    I hope this helps,

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