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    Experienced PHP web 2.0 developer, linux admin, hosting expert .. amazing rates!

    After doing freelancing for a long time, and contributing 50% of my time to opensource, it's finally time to get a job which can utilize my skills upto full potential, hopefully.

    To offer an introduction of me, here's some snippets from my resume.

    Programming Skills:
    PHP (including OOP in PHP5), Javascript, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, XML, C# .NET, Basic knowledge of WAP, C/C++, VB6/.NET, and Unix shell scripting

    Graphic design and Photo editing:
    Adobe Photoshop 7 and CS, Fireworks MX, Basic knowledge of Flash and Adobe Illustrator CS

    Web Servers:
    Apache Http Server 1.3/2.x, Lighttpd, IIS 5.0

    Misc. Skills / Web Technologies:
    Linux Server Administration, Web 2.0 (although it's a buzzword, I have accomodated to the type of designs it use), AJAX, PHP, Search Engine Optimization (urls, text, titles, backlinks etc.), RSS/Atom feeds

    DBMS used:
    MySQL 3.x, 4.x and 5, and basic usage of MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and MS Access

    Description of work:
    I tend to focus on scalability (including code readability and usage of good moduling systems or even MVC if needed), security, and speed. Please see "Projects and Work Experiences" to get an idea of how I have used them.

    * More than four years of application programming experience
    * Understanding of development cycle applied in both large, small and simultaneous projects (theoretical and experimental)
    * Experience and knowledge of data design, structured and object oriented programming methodology
    * Knowledge and use of graphical screen design and psychology related to user interfaces (esp. in web designs)
    * Very strong understanding of programming concepts and development of algorithms to tackle the most complicated problems
    * Commercial expertise with main usage of linux server administration, web designing and web programming skills
    * Experience of using and developing Open Source Solutions and Tools
    * Strong commitment to quality, scalibility, and emphasis on beauty of code while not affecting productivity
    * Vital understanding of phases involved in project management
    * Understanding of both maintenance and development from scratch
    * Excellent communication skills with a belief of 'good communication is key to successful projects'
    * Exceptional troubleshooting and problem solving skills proved many times as per my experience listing below
    * Being well-versed in most type of programming concepts and approaches, I can adapt to new programming languages syntax, as long as productivity and time aren't an issue
    As most of you here are in hosting business, let me explain that I have both worked with hosting businesses in the past, and ran my own (which is still valid for old customers, but I didn't really want to do it forever..).

    So putting up my skills in short, here they are:
    - 5+ years of PHP, (x)HTML, CSS, experience
    - 2+ years of AJAX, 4+ years of javascript experience
    - 5+ years of linux administration, with main inclination towards optimizations
    - A great sense of hosting business, and a strong understand of dealing with customers, and offering the realibility needed for a hosting business.
    .. lots more..

    My well known projects/sites
    ExoPHPDesk - The free helpdesk software (lead developer.. oh and please don't judge me based on the code or design of this application, it was done long back majorly in 2003 and 2004. I have completely matured since then and the next version under progress has some code, which may give you a better understanding of my coding skills. Available upon request. )

    SpiceFuse - A website where I help with linux server optimizations for free, and have my MyBB mods put like SEO plugin and AJAX shoutbox.

    Lots more in resume, available upon request.

    Recent achievements
    Figured to run PHP4/5 under FastCGI in a secured environment (yes, I have tested for security, it's no crap), almost similar to chroot() while still being very easy to understand and use. Hopefully, will write an article on it very soon.

    What can you hire me for?
    Since I have so much varied experienced, let me put forth my best skills.

    - WebSite/Web Applications Development (PHP, AJAX, CSS, xHTML, SEO etc..)
    - Linux server administration (Best Area: Optimizations of LAMP..)
    - Technical support, or helping you run your webhosting business ranging from tech support, billing, website, marketing/SEO, and lots more.

    Rates and availability
    Sorry, but I am not looking to work per project, but instead looking to work part-time (4 hours / day, 80 hours / month), on a fixed monthly wage of $700-800 per month. .. which is barely $8-9 an hour. It's negotiable, depending on type of work.

    Availability is from 00:00 - 13:00 (GMT -6), making a perfect candidate for night shifts and morning shifts too.

    How to contact me?
    Please send me a pm, or contact me on Yahoo Messenger (exocrew_com).

    Thank You!
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    I cannot edit my post, so I would like to add:

    First I am not taking on any freelancing project, but if you have a large and interesting project, I will work at the regular rate of $25 / hour which goes down to $20 / hour for interesting projects.

    The $700-800 price is only for part-time jobs with a fixed salary, because I am looking to work with a company/team, for long-term.
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