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    I wana ask people what better too use html or php?

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    learn html first then learn php to complement it.
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    They go hand in hand, knowing PHP is useless without HTML for forms / what not.
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    ok thanks I'l llearn them both

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff - Exceed
    They go hand in hand, knowing PHP is useless without HTML for forms / what not.
    I wouldn't exactly useless. He could write cron job scripts which don't actually require an output!

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    I suppose if you had to choose, I'd go for PHP. You can create a bunch of useful scripts that you could eventually sell for real money. Besides, I've found that a lot of my HTML skills actually adopted from working with PHP!
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    PHP is for backend things like form processing, interactivity, etc. HTML is usually just laying things out and decoration.

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    Learn html first, couse php can not work without html.

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    Learn PHP to be able to make script which will generate *.html files for you

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    A different perspective: While it is good to know both, there are web designers that focus on page layouts and graphics and don't do any php. If you're skills are more towards design than programming, then php may not be needed.

    If you do want to go the programming route, you really need php, html, MySQL, and Javascript.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenatino
    I wouldn't exactly useless. He could write cron job scripts which don't actually require an output!
    Or you can write scripts that receive callbacks from PayPal etc to tell your application that a payment has been received and to mark the order for shipment.

    Daily exchange rate scripts also run in the background too.

    The bottom line though is that these 2 things are worlds apart. Html is the final output to the browser and what the browser reads. PHP is the programming that decides what HTML to output and the code is never seen.

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    html is the base. Knowing it, you can 'design' a site. But if you want a site be dynamic, you need a language like php or asp.
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    HTML is really the basic. You gotta know it pretty well before you proceed to server-side languages like PHP/ASP. That's also when you needa do more advanced stuff like communicating with the database, dynamic content, etc.

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    Hi Zaclegend,

    HTML is a markup language by which you can only design a web page, where as PHP is a server side as well as client side object oriented scripting language. PHP has the security features and you PHP can be used within the HTML code.
    HTML and PHP are both easy to learn.and Both are very user friendly. They are different but can be used together to make a web site perfect.

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    A lot of people seem to think PHP is a replacement for html. A while back, I read a thread on another forum where people talked about this application that supposedly ripped php code from servers. It turned out, a lot of the people didn't know what php looked like, and thought the html they were seeing was php code.

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    PHP is useless without HTML, so first get your hand on html to utilize PHP. Once you have learned any othe programming languages then it will be extremely easy for you to get you hands on all languages, tihs is all about the concept.

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