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    Question Reselling small plans for website newbies


    I'm currently pondering an idea that popped into my head. I'm planning on offering a simple double scheme hosting service. One free, with 20Mb space and 200Mb traffic or so. No bells or whistles, maybe PHP and 1 SQL. This plan is for youngsters getting started with websitedevelopment.

    However, I'm also planning on an "upgrade" for that plan, that gets you a bit more space, a bit more traffic, maybe a few more bells'n'whistles, for $2-$3/month. (These are approx. prices as the service will not be in the US and not in $ )

    The big sellingpoint however is payment. I was planning on recieving payment via SMS (or TEXTs as they may be called). Or "overpriced" SMS as it's called in the business. That means, if someone wants to keep their plan, they text "HOST <ID>" to a specific number and their plan gets renewed and they are billed $2 on their phonebill, or reduced from their prepaid.

    My problem however is automating the process that renews the accounts, so that I don't have to manually check each month who paid their bill and not. That could work with 10-20 accounts. But if I should be so lucky as to get over 100 customers, that could be tiresome.

    So, any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

    Christian W.

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    I just wanted

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    (It won't let me edit my last post, lol) I just wanted to say I think it's a really neat Idea.. I hope you find something that makes it easy to keep track of payments.

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    Well, good luck with it!

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    I've got no idea how to do it, but if it can be done it would be a unique and novel way of doing it.

    I'd be more inclined to go with $5 though. For all the hassle that you've got to do to figure out how it's to be done, and no doubt some third party will be taking a cut too.

    Find out what all the costs are and how much you'd the customer would have to pay for you to get your $3 in your pocket.

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    I never heard of this before. Sounds very innovative! Go ahead and good luck!
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    Wow, that's a good marketing niche "hosting for youngsters"!

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    The plan sounds good, but what about the market. You would need some serious time invested in this to make sure you do not get screwed in where.
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    Something that no one seems to have mentioned yet is advertising. This service would seem to be targeted at a very specific group, that probably wouldn't be covered by a lot of the free advertising options out there. You might have to put a substantial amount of money into this before you start getting the clients you want and can see a profit.
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    Good idea, it should take a lot of clients to your hosting.
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