Im currently seeking an experianced phpbb skin designer to take on this project, I do have extensive knowledge with programming and development, but due to this project I am lacking the general support I need, this project is pretty much giving back to the community with little if any expectations of revenue.

I have previously coded roughly 6 Vbulletin Skins in many versions, And I noticed phpbb requires the .tpl files to be edited, If someone is interested in this job and will give a reasonable price please messege me, If by chance I have to do it I will, but I beleave I can find someone reliable and experianced to tackle this for me.

As A notice, I do have have four used vbulletin licenses so this is why Im using phpbb simply becasue of the overall project purpose. The skinner must be able to code the general drafted theme of the site into a intergrated skin, If you can not take my design and intergrate it as a skin, please do not messege me, if you are interested this, and requesting a reasonable price to provide this service for me, please contact me by PM or AiM.

Thanks again