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    Question IE/Firefox keeps prompting for un/pw

    I'm on W2K3/IIS6.

    The site is open to all via anonymous setting. Everything works.

    I turned off anonymous access in a subfolder. Try to view it and I get prompted for login like I should. But no matter what I enter I can't get in. I know I am entering the correct un/pw, but I just keep getting prompted again and again as if it was wrong. If I hit cancel I see either a 401.1 or 401.5 message.

    Here's the rub, it used to work. But then I moved the source files to a another machine and changed the site root to the UNC. Did the whole same IUSR in both machines for anonymous access to work. Everything went smooth. But now the protected directory keeps asking for login, I can't get acces to it. I have only Integrated Windows Authentication checked. And I am trying to authenticate with admin account which has access to directory. Any ideas?


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    Can you reset the admin password and try the same again?

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