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    Running my website with an IP

    My host refuses to help me, I don't plan on using a domain on my server and all I want to do is allow people to download a simple file from an IP. The OS is centOS 4, and the CP is Plesk 8.0.

    Can anyone help me out here?

    The location of the file is: /var/www/vhosts/httpdocs/

    IP/~username/ does not work (I have never used centOS

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    Well it should be http://ip/vhosts/httpdocs/

    It would only be ip/~username/ if you were using a public_html folder per user(at least I think so).

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    Change to a Cpanel host and ip/~username/ would work.
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    You can get a dedicated IP to do the job, I guess no host charges more than 2 or say 3 dollars for that. Get one and ask your host to assign this for you.

    That should be helping.

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    No I had the IP for it they just didn't want to help me figure it out. Plesk is like a foreign language for me, but I only needed the server for people to download a file. I finally got it to work thanks guys!

    <3 cPanel =(

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