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    Addon domain problem

    Not sure if this is the best place to post, but here goes...

    I currently have an established domain,, which is running PHP-Nuke on the directory /home, with a redirect accordingly.

    Now, I've created an addon domain,, for which I've installed Wordpress at the top-level.

    The trouble is, defaults to - unless I redirect to If I do that, I can then see my WordPress installation.

    I'd obviously like to have be viewed from that address, as opposed to a subdir under - that is why I got the domain in the first place.

    Anyone out there willing to lend a hand in getting things straight here? Would be GREATLY appreciated!


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    Can you make sure that has a document root /home/2ndsite/
    It seems to me that domains have the same document root /home, which could be the issue.

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    You said you are having a php nuke site, then can you check on your main .htaccess file and make sure there is no entry which redirects any query to your site to the nuke link.

    I think Nuke does ask you to add that.

    I will await your reply before I go with any part.

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