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    SSL Question


    How do I setup an SSL certificate on my website so that will display exactly the same as only securely, basically I want to be able to have the domain encrypted but I don't want to treat it as a folder in my webservers root...

    The only place I can see who do this are HostGator. You'll see that basically shows you to a secure version of, and any attempts to access are blocked. This is exactly what I want...

    I am using cPanel btw...

    I am very inexperienced with SSL, I know to create and sign them etc in cPanel fine though...


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    The key to this is and are two seperate IP addresses. Thus, to accomplish this you will need your subdomain to be hosted on a different IP than your main domain.

    I'm not exactly sure the easiest way to accomplish this however, you may need a new account for the subdomain in CPanel - I'm sure someone else will chime in with more details.

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    1) create the with dedicated ip address
    2) install the ssl certificate
    3) modify the httpd.conf file find the virtual host directive for the and change the document root same as your
    4) restart your apache
    5) visit

    hope that helps

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