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    I'm just wondering, How do you people who have jobs on the PC all day exercise or atleast move

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    Buy a machine you can excerise in your house. Go to the Gym. What is do you mean all day? 16 hours?

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    When they need to go to the can, or get some food.
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    I usually pick something that takes a long time to execute when I need to go exercise. For example, I usually bike for an hour per day when the weather permits. So, I'll pick something that takes an hour to execute. This can be anything, from a kernel recompile, to a php/apache rebuild, to clearing out a gigantic email queue. Sometimes, I'll just write a shell script to execute a bunch of small jobs in a row. That helps a lot.

    Also, excellent choice in smiley. You should always try to come off as condescending as possible when asking a group of strangers a question.

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