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    System Administration / Tech Support Staff Available


    I know there are many people posting their availability for System / Network Administrator & Tech Support Personnel. I'd like to set myself away from the rest of the crowd by saying the following:

    I am a professional System Administrator for a local company here, on a regular basis I provide second tier technical support, troubleshoot network, hardware, and software problems, add users, maintain documentation, meet with management etc. I am going back to school this upcoming fall and am planning on lowering my hours at work due to scheduling conflicts with school. I'd like to pick up a couple of hours (~ 10 - 20) of more flexible work to help make ends meet. I also have knowledge of things like exim, plesk, cpanel/whm and other hosting technologies via my own forays into the hosting world.

    I have a full resume with past employment history, salary history and professional references available upon request. I have four years real-world system / network administration experience with things such as NT / *nix backups, scripting, DNS (Bind and a little MS DNS,) mail and web (apache + mod_ssl, php, mysql) server experience. I am preparing to take my CCNA test in the very near future and have about 25 credits until the completion of my BS of Computer Science from Indiana University.

    In the past I have worked technical support for the university I used to attend and have a remarkable ability to visualize things in order to walk even the most remedial users through complicated processes.

    I'd be willing answer support tickets, man support chats or telephones (via some sort of forwarding to my telephone) assist in pre-sales questions or just provide general system administrative functions. Iím flexible in my pay structure (ie, willing to receive payment based upon tickets answered, etc) however I must request actual monetary funds as payment (I can't accept hosting or other services) so I can actually pay my bills.

    Thanks for reading, if you're interested or know someone who might be please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] .



    I'm located in the Bloomington, IN area and would be willing to travel to places like Indianapolis, Indiana if necessary.

    Also just wanted to add that I'm headed to DC in October for SANS ( GCIA (Intrusion Analyst) and ITSO (Information Technology Security Officer) training.
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    Very impressive. But you aren't away from the WHOLE crowd. Sounds like you have a very similar professional background
    One of my colleagues is actually looking to expand his staff so I'll send him this thread.
    Good Luck.
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    Thanks very much!

    Any help is appreciated!


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