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    First time w/o cpanel - setting up a domain

    Hello all, I recently purchased my first server w/o whm/cpanel and I'm trying to set up a domain on it.

    Heres what Ive done created a new user and set their home directory as /home/<user>. I then made a public_html folder within their home dir.

    Then I went into httpd.conf, and added a virtual host for that domain with the document root to the public_html dir i created .

    At this point, what is there left to do? I need to mess with the DNS right? Anything else?


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    Try restarting httpd... Also, chmod 0750 public_html and 0711 /home/<user>

    That should work...You might need to mess with some kind of DNS settings but I can't help there, sorry

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    adding a user, followed by adding entries in httpd.conf. That is what apache demands unless you have some additional settings for the user.

    Now back on the local server the domain should be coming up. Have you tried that ?

    If you want things to go via internet, get your hand on dns, install bind, configure the domain and just roll on :-)

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