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    Looking for additional staff.

    Hi WHT,
    I am searching for some staff members for a hosting company. Since the company is relatively new, the income is limited. I am searching for dedicated individuals who are looking to learn something about the hosting industry. I will take it upon myself to train you to do the types of work required of you. This opportunity will start off as a volunteer position, however it may turn into a paid job as time goes by. Like I said, you do not have to be a hosting expert to qualify for this job.

    If you are interested, please send me an email at my personal (non hosting related) account; mikewalczak [at] gmail [dot] com.


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    What kind of hosting services do you offer or plan to offer?
    Upfront Business Solutions
    A Cloud & Microsoft SaaS provider
    "Creating you a online web presence"

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    email sent

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    Email Sent

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    Smile Hi

    Email sent

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    i have emailed you

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