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    mysql problem please help

    i recently purchased my first unmanaged vps and i am not very good with debian but i am here to ask for your help i am having a problem wen it comes down with my mysql i managed to get phpmyadmin installed and working perfectly but when i try to install a script on my vps i get this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in /var/www/site/cp2/adodb/drivers/ on line

    does anyone know why and how i can fix it

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    yum install php-mysql ?

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    i ran that command and got this -bash: yum: command not found

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    yum is CentOs/Fedora/RedHat .... Try apt-get which is for Debian

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    still nothing here i know mysql is installed becouse i am running phpmyadmin and its working another thing i notice is that when i run a phpinfo file on the
    var/www/site/ i dont have a mysql section but on the phpmyadmin i do

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    also some one told me that it was becouse i dont have a libmysql.dll and i downloaded it of a dll site but it dosent say where it goes does anyone know

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