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    Is this normal? USB-Storage Command in SSH

    I just recently started monitoring my dedicated server using Top -- previously I used WHM server status -- and noticed that occasionally a "usb-storage" command was being run in SSH under root user. Is that normal?

    Screenshot of Top

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    Hi honekai,

    I know sometimes when we plug a USB cd rom into some of our machines that process still hangs around even after everything is said and done. It's probably nothing to really worry about, as it's using no resources. I'd keep tabs on it for now, and see if it appears after a reboot. If it does, open a ticket with your provider and ask if there is something hooked up via usb.
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    This is normal if you are viewing this once in a while or when you have asked your NOC for some modifications or installations.

    If this happens every time you are to watch out for things, then the best idea is to write to the NOC guys and check with them on what is being connected?

    Probably they can easily spot things out as they have the physical server with 'em

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