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    FrontPage built website issue need some help

    I have a couple of clients that used to be on Plesk 7.5 and now the new server which was a fresh install has Plesk 8.1.

    If you read about FrontPage on Microsoft it has been end of lifed and Plesk does not support it anymore. If you upgraded it will still work but this was a fresh install. Support has been removed by Plesk and is being removed by Cpanel also or already has.

    Now so my clients web sites will not function of course as there are no FP extensions enabled on the server for them.

    How can I or they convert there site to work now? They really do not want to code the entire site again.

    Any ideas?

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    My guess is they are only complaining about the FrontPage extentions.

    have your clients move to a windows host ( had some great deals on reseller windows accounts -- ask dave... speak to dave, he will help, I'm sure).

    Have your clients redo their sites. Really not that hard to convert sites over. I did it with a site with close to 2000 pages. They could hire someone from or for fairly cheap.

    Don't move your clients that want to stay with FrontPage to the new server. Temp keep an old server for them until summer or something....
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    Frontpage Server Extensions are basically no more. They have some for the 64-bit but unfortunately Microsoft tried to help people in building websites and during this, it cause them to create code that would not validate.

    They decided to create Expression Web - a new WYSIWYG editor that creates compliant code however, it does not rely on any Frontpage Web bot no longer. Users will need to use some type of server side language where they used to rely on Frontpage to do it for them.

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