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    Name server problem (.nl second level domain as nameserver)

    Dear sir/madam,

    I'm having to following problem at the moment:

    With an SIDN nameserver check (,727,778...ver_check.html ) i get the following message:

    ** Summary: ACCEPTED
    ** Full check report:
    * primary name server ""
    Info: name server looks correctly configured.
    * secondary name server ""
    Info: name server looks correctly configured.
    #### success

    No errors, so the nameservers should be okay to change to them.

    When i try the SIDN DRS4 nameserver change tool:

    I get the following error:

    editing nameserver for domain: resolved in the following errors:

    * 40055: Domain, Nameserver and Ip-addresses combination invalid

    Someone knows what i can do about this?

    Can i use a normal domain as a nameserver? Or is that only possible with subdomain?

    Even the following check gives back that everything is okay:

    Detected problems:

    (Everything is translated from dutch to english, please help me!)


    I contacted the registrar, they told me that a second level domain should be possible as a nameserver. I had to try to change the nameserver by email.. and if that did not work to email all info to them.

    I did email them and called them again, they'll do research tomorrow to find out if it's an internal or external problem.

    Does someone have an idea what it could be?

    Thanks in advance.

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    A simple question instead:

    where does get his info from? From the whois info at different registrars? Or something else?

    Because at domaintools the dns query says my nameservers are already correct..

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