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    Thumbs up Design and Name An Upcoming Hosting Company & Get Free Hosting!!!!

    I will offer someone who gives a template, a logo, and a name for a soon-to-open host will get free hosting forever.*

    This is what you get:
    50 MB Space
    2 Gigabytes Bandwidth
    ..the usual stuff...
    Sorry, no domains. We can host you on a subdomain if you do not have a domain.

    Okay, I know the space and bandwidth isn't much but that should be enough for a small website. We can work something out if you get a lot of hits and need more stuff in exchange of putting up our ads. Please remember that we also need to grow so we can't offer much space and bandwidth but if we grow, we will buy more servers and you can get more.

    Lastly, how can you make sure that I won't steal your design? Just take a screenshot of the design and send me the url or attach it to the message.

    Note: All entries should only be sent through PM in this format:

    First Name
    Possible Name of Host(Your Entry!!!)
    Url to the template's screenshot or just attach it.

    You may only send both a design and a name. Name only or design only entries will be deleted.

    *By saying forever, we mean until the host lasts.

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    It would be helpful if you add some more info:
    Where is the server located?
    What are the specs of the server?
    What kind of Name do you want; you have to have some idea?
    What other features are you offering;
    Control Panel?
    MySQL? How Many?
    Email? How Many?

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    If you are too lazy and or poor to come up with a business name and pay for a design how do you expect to run a hosting company? It costs money and takes a lot of time.

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    This :

    Something went wrong with my account and I can't post or receive/send any Private Messages.

    I want a business type name with a techno touch.
    Cpanel 4
    MySQL, as many as you need. I'm giving you 5 but if you need more just ask.
    E-mail, as many as you need as long.

    Andyc: About the name, I have time to think about it but I'm just not creative, and about the design, I just thought some people needed hosting and would be willing to design.

    ds2 and other people: Please re-send your entries to this user.

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