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    leaving mchost....

    no no no bashing here...

    marc , scott , davin and the rest of the crew are real gentlemen ...
    I must admit I had the great chance to partner with them for almost a year now, and had very good services except from minor problems... but WHO HASN'T PROBLEMS?

    they're real gentlemen and offered their great help from the very beginning till the very end ...

    now I'm forced by "the big boss" to move to another company ....

    I had to share it with everyone here....

    the $35 they ask is NOTHING taking advatage their forum with EXCELLENT members that is like a webhosting encyclopedia......

    I'm feeling really bad...

    I wish I could stay with such a good company

    and NO I'm not MCHost's staff member or anything like that....
    nor am I affiliated with them in anyway....

    I just wanted to share it with everyone here...

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    So why is the big boss making you move?

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    Sorry to hear you are leaving mchost. If you're moving to a dedicated server then it's a good move

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    Originally posted by Paul-ukhost
    So why is the big boss making you move?
    ansolutely narrow-minded.
    really soon I'll be independent in this business and take my own dedicated-box from MCHost!

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    Don't you hate the big boss? : )

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