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    Swift Communications: One year review.

    In early 2006, I purchased a Pentium 4 server with Swift Communications for hosting some personal websites, a couple IRC servers, and some other miscellaneous stuff. Figured I'd do a review since there doesn't seem to be many.

    Network - The network is a mix of Global Crossing and Limelight, and it performs nicely. Speeds to Europe and most parts of the United States were fine, and I was able to burst 100mbps whenever I needed to.

    Stability - Through the entire year, I only had to deal with unexpected downtime about four times. The breaker the server was on blew in early 2006 and the server was down for about an hour, but other than that everything has been great in terms of stability.

    Support - I really don't have enough experience with their support to review them. I only used them for reverse DNS, and they were fine for that.

    Billing - This is the only aspect that annoyed me. When I first got the server, billing was done by GB, and they switched to 95th percentile billing without notifying me. We ran a fairly bandwidth-intensive Shoutcast server, and managed to rack up some pretty nice overage charges due to the change.

    Overall, Swiftco was a pretty good provider to work with. The network was rock solid, but they seemed to be a little lacking when it came to billing. I'll be canceling my servers at the end of the month because they're no longer being utilized, but I will consider doing business with Swiftco again in the future. ● high-performance VPS solutions.

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    sounds Good friend, thanks for the review

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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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