For a limited time only we are offering special promotional pricing for colocation in our new Dallas Data Center. You receive Premium Bandwidth, Power, and Cooling in a Tier-4 Data Center located in Downtown Dallas. Facility Details here: Click Here

We are offering two promotions, you may choose one or the other, but not both. Either the 1st Month Free, or a $1,000 Credit to use towards any services you choose. These offers are available to any new customers signing up for 1-year term or longer at our current rates. See our instant pricing calculator here: Colo Pricing Calculator

  1. Deal #1 Ė 1st Month Free:
    Regardless of your service price, be that 1/Mb and a half cabinet, or 10x Full Cabinets with 100/Mb of usage, the 1st month is absolutely on us. The only catch to this deal is that you must commit to some kind of bandwidth usage in advance. Obviously we canít allow someone to commit to 1/Mb and use 100/Mb the first month. Accordingly, if you commit to 20/Mb and use anything under 20 itís free, if you commit to 20 and use 22 you have the option to raise your commit to 22 or simply pay the difference and stick with 20.

  2. Deal #2 - $1,000.00 Credit:
    Sign up for at least a Full Cabinet, or more, on a 1-year term and we will apply a $1,000.00 credit to your account. For example, if you sign up for a Full Cabinet and only 1/Mb of bandwidth, this would actually cover over a monthís worth of service, so you pay no bill the 1st month, and the next month would be prorated.

If you have any questions, please let us know, weíll be happy to answer them by phone, email, live chat, IM, or etc. Whatever works for you. I will answer the 1st few most likely ones here:

  1. Will I be on super budget bandwidth my first month, or capped to 10/Mb?
    Absolutely not, you will get our Premium Hybrid BGP Mix, we use an Internap Flow Control Device to do real time BGP optimization, the mix is currently favoring Level-3, Savvis, Wiltel, and Global Crossing, although we have quite a few other carriers in the mix as well.

  2. I am in a carrier contract, can I bring my own bandwidth?
    We can accept cross connects in a number of directly connected facilities, if you have a direct connection from any particular carrier we can swing it over to our network at any of our POPs and you can keep the same connectivity your contracted for.

  3. Is your data center located in the ghetto, or otherwise a long way from the back bone carriers?
    We operate a Tier-4 Facility in Downtown Dallas, utilizing our own protected fiber under the central business district to connect to our POPs at 2323 Bryan (Univision Tower) and 1950 Stemmons (Infomart): we have all the connectivity of both carrier hotels, in a more cost effective carrier-neutral environment. We have an all-optical network, built for low-latency applications. Parking is free, with key card access to the parking garage, the building, and the data centers.

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