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    * Need help on how to convert visitors into customers

    ok i have placed my new business website online. Its indexed in google and dmoz and all of that . My business deals with sending targeted traffic to peoples websites. infact i have even ordered a plan for myslef so far i have had about 2 to 3 thousand people visit my site. i got one new order on the first day. 1/3000 to me that doesn't sound like a good ratio. how can i convert more of these visitors into customers?

    I say that i offer low prices most lower than many other compainies. should i include a page to show that my prices are lower than most other companies?

    Any and all help would be nice


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    For a start, sign up to Google Analytics, place the tracking code in your Web site, then leave it for a week. Then take a look at the stats, specifically the bounce rates of each page. You'll probably find certain pages result in a much higher percentage of people leaving your site than the rest do. Once you have identified those pages, look at the page and look at it from a potential customers perspective.

    Once you have identified the pages that need improving with the help of Analytics, that may be the time to come back here with some figures so other people can look at the pages and give you some advice to decrease the bounce rates.
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    You need to get really familiar with extremely low attrition rates. You're dealing in junk traffic that's virtually useless. Your attrition is never going to be as good as a company who gets real traffic without using that kind of service.
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    All seo is used for attracting visitors to your sites, so optimizationn is the first thing, the king of it is link exchange. Apart from seo optimization goes traffic exchange with related sites, then article submission, forum posting, blogging, social networking.

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    Please do good SEO,Keywords and description and title for the site.It will attract the customers.Besides add one pages for submittng enquiries or submitting orders,both will be fine.

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    If possible add some audio and video explaining your products/services.

    I am sure this will show some results.
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    Check out the index page of the site, ill pm you the url. i have included a flash intro and a lil catchy music. if you need the URL then ill send it to you through a PM

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    Have a look at:
    It's always good to see what people are up to.

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    I say that i offer low prices most lower than many other compainies. should i include a page to show that my prices are lower than most other companies?
    I think a statement should be enough. You might find that the other companies would be annoyed if you start naming them. Alternatively you could set up a graph and name the other companies as "big bad traffic provider #1, big bad traffic provider #2" etc.
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    You should track your visitors and try to first retain the targeted customers, bookmarking sites are easy way to retain them thereafter you can find easy to convert few of them depending on how you approach them and present your product or service to convert.

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