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    Advice on Teamspeak servers

    We have been hosting game servers for a moment now and our customers keep asking for teamspeak servers with their orders.

    I would like to know if you have an idea on how many servers/slots can we host on a standard box such as a P4 3.0 1gb ram 100mbit connection or even smaller celeron 2.6 512mb ram since the cpu/ram usage is low (We usually use CentOS).
    We have done some tests but we can't test it on large scale atm... so I'm asking your advices if some of you have any experience with that.

    Thanks for your help and I am sorry for my english.. poor frenchie

    Have a nice day and thanks for reading.

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    Little more

    How about the bandwidth utilisation?
    As for game servers, we know that the traffic is concentrated at some hours of the day but how much bandwidth would such a server use?

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    about 1000 using 1000GB per month.

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    ComplexDrive is about right, Although you need to remember to only put about 75 servers per instance or the web admin panel WILL have issues.

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    Just a note, even if your providing Teamspeak services for free as an addition to other services, you still need to become a Teamspeak Authorized Hoster.


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    Where would the limit come from? CPU, ram, network etc...

    Also, you are speaking of 1000 slots right?

    Thanks for your advices, it's very apreciated.

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    with teamspeak, the limitation is 1) bandwidth/transfer followed by Ram, only if you have plenty of server on it though, but ram these days isnt much of an issue.

    CPU usage is pretty small. for voice communciations like Teamspeak stable, quality bandwidth with plenty of transfer is what you need
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