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    * Customer using 172.16.253/24 - What?

    I have a consulting customer using 172.16.253/24 as public addresses for their servers.

    I was under the impression 172./8 was IANA reserved space not for public use.

    Am I confused?

    Assuming I am not, what is wrong with this scenario, besides the fact that they _should_ not use that IP space as public ips for their servers?

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    NetRange: -
    NetHandle: NET-172-16-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-172-0-0-0-0
    NetType: IANA Special Use
    NameServer: BLACKHOLE-1.IANA.ORG
    NameServer: BLACKHOLE-2.IANA.ORG
    Comment: This block is reserved for special purposes.
    Comment: Please see RFC 1918 for additional information.
    This is what I saw in the whois.
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    It's not that they *should not* use that IP space for their public servers, it's that they *can not* use it. All ISPs filter IP traffic for that range (as well as and at their border routers (and most likely other places inside their networks as well), so traffic originating from or destined to those IPs are dropped as soon as they hit their upstream provider's routers. Are you sure that your client isn't behind a firewall or NAT that is translating those IPs to public IPs?

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    Yes, that is 100% true, you should not receive any traffic from those range of IP's.

    How are you checking the client's IP ? is it some helpdesk or chat software that gives you this info ?

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