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    Paypal Virtual Terminal UK


    Just wondering whether anyone here is using or has tested/used the Paypal Virtual Terminal UK? (it basically allows you to accept credit and debit cards via phone, fax or mail)

    More info is available from PayPal here.

    Looking forward to hearing your comments/feedback and constructive criticism [if applicable].

    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Tim K
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    I have had it since December is the UK - it a 'part' of the overall PayPalPro account - works fine, not problems so far.

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    Thanks for your reply Ant. I decided to give it a try today - especially since there's no cancellation or set up fees.

    Everything was going fine until I was prompted to enter credit card details... I tried my Switch, Visa and Solo cards but all were rejected saying contact Customer Support if error persists.

    Rang customer support who said they cannot help and that there is dedicated department for PayPal Payments Pro (as its a business/merchant service) - which isn't open til Monday!!!

    Anyway, I've emailed business support but looks like I'll just have to call back Monday.

    Any ideas?
    Tim K
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