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    100Mbps unmetered, 250GB HD, 1GB RAM, Direct Admin only $80 !!

    I am selling my dedicated server on Pixelfxsolution. ( as I don't need the server anymore. Server is paid for 1 month and it is valid till 7Th of Februrary. I paid 188 dollars for this server. $129 for monthly fee and $59 for 250GB HD upgrade. What I am asking is only $80.

    You will pay $129 next month. You will also save $59 for 250GB HD upgrade setup fee. This server is tested and runs on a good port. You can easyly push the server to the limits. I made some tests and pushed about 95Mbps transfer rate.

    Here are the server specs:

    AMD Athlon XP 2400
    1GB RAM
    250GB HD
    100Mbps unmetered transfers
    Direct Admin control panel

    ps. You can re-install any OS and any other control panel including Cpanel for free.

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    May I ask why you'are giving the server up? Are there any network issues? How much can you push during peak hours?

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    I have one question: Why do you sell server? I think that easy will be to refuse dedicated server with no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTempster
    I have one question: Why do you sell server? I think that easy will be to refuse dedicated server with no problem.
    One time upgrade cost that yaramon did, some people thinks this is great offer

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    I got this server as I was planning to move my sites to it. But I solved my problems with my current provider and I am continuing with them. Otherwise I would definetly use this server. It is a very nice server with real good speed. I already paid 188 dollars with $59 setup fee. As I don't need this server anymore, I decided to sell it and save some bucks.

    There are no network issues, you can push the server to the limits no matter the peak time. All you have to do is make multiple connections. As long as you have multiple connections you can push it to 80-90 Mbps no problems. I made some tests during different times and it workd just fine.

    If you buy this server from me you will gain these:

    - No setup fee of $59 (hard disk upgrade)
    - Paid already till 7Th February
    - No waiting for server setup.
    - Being sure that it is running on a good port that can be pushed max.



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    Can they change the OS to win2k3 ?
    Are you sure you can sell the server?

    Sorry for my bad Englise.
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    They can change the OS to Win2K3. I can transfer the ownership.

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    Is this offer still available?

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    have to pay 30$ to transfer server is this right?

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    Please contact me regarding this offer im quite keen to check out there services.
    msn me on breaknate at


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