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    Directadmin clients for sale 513.55/yearly

    Hello, I am selling 8 Directadmin clients that bring in $513.55/yearly. They are all on different plans and 2 pay VIA PayPal and the other 6 Pay via e-gold

    How much resources they use
    They haven't been with me for that long so I can't , there is 2gb of space about and about 10gb of bandwidth.

    The reason for the sale
    We recently acquired a company that had both cPanel clients and Directadmin clients, we are a cPanel hosting company however took the Directadmin clients on as well. The yearly income was listed at 3000k, however that many clients didn't move. The amount of Directadmin clients that did move weren't enough to cover monthly costs for hosting Directadmin clients, so therefore we have decided to sell them since we have no desire to expand out Directadmin division.

    What’s included
    The 8 clients
    The domain name we used for the server

    Because all the clients will have to do is pay someone else I think they all will be ok with the move. The reason we are including the domain with the server is that then they won't have to change their nameservers

    Starting Bid: $400
    BIN: $500

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    How often do these clients pay (monthly/yearly/etc)? When do they renew? What is the breakdown of revenue per client?
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    I'm interested in the clients with the following conditions:

    Payment is done monthly and it's not fully made (only paid January)
    Clients are stable or have a medium history with the hosting

    I'll bid the $500 if those conditions are true.

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    Dear MartynD
    Because the price of the VPS is more than the monthly income and I have no desire to get more Directadmin clients

    Dear qps
    20/yr Oct 20
    90.65/yr Oct 8th
    $5.50/mo Jan 19th
    $7.75/mo Jan 20th
    $32.95/semi-annually Nov 16th
    $25/semi-annually Apr 10th
    $5.50/mo Feb 13th
    15.50/quarterly Apr 15th

    Dear VisiGod
    The clients are stable, are you still interested?

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    zildjian2000, do you have some sort of messenger, like MSN/ICQ/AIM/YIM where we can talk?

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    This sale has been made, paid and i can safely say it's finished.

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