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    The new
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    After about a month in beta the new is up and running. Besides the cosmetic features, some of the new things added over the past month are:
    -Roll The Dice (similar to I'm feeling lucky)
    -Send to a friend- so you can tell your buddies in the same class with you where the best prices are.
    -Quicker search
    -Featured Book and the NY Times Bestseller's
    -Reseller Ratings for most of our partners

    It's really just the start of things to come. A few other things I have planned are:
    -More partners (ebay for starters)
    -Advanced search
    -Multiple Book searches at once (just enter all the ISBNs for the best cumulative low price)
    -And lot's of small things

    Really I am trying to keep everything on the site fairly simple, but I'd like to have more content and things on the site for the user to do.

    In the following weeks I may be looking for a few affiliates as well. I will post more details on that in the future, as I am not just looking to affiliate with every site possible and have 30 links up.

    Any feedback/criticisms? That's really why I am posting, I wanna see what people think of the site.


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    any thoughts?

    I changed a few more things on the homepage now, to ease up on the load time a little.

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    Looks very clean. I could see myself using it, good job

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