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    Exporting MySQL database - password problem

    For some reason, when I have tried to export a database, the password to my administration panel becomes encrypted. So when the database is restored, the administration panel's password changes to the encrypted code.

    Is there a way to export the database and have the password remain as the actual text value?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You're saying it (phpMyAdmin or whatever you're using) Encrypts the pass that is inside the mysql? Are you sure it's not already being encrypted before put in there? That's very unusual for that to happen it's not supposed to mess with any of your database in the form to my knowledge.

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    I'm with esb740 on this one. It's standard practice to store encrypted passwords to database. You then encrypt the password you receive on user input and compare it to the one in the database. If they match, correct password was entered and you're logged in to your website / admin panel.
    Did you try to log in to your site after restoring the database?
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    A very common technique for programmers is to md5() a password. That's not standard as you will see very very many different ways to salt, chop, and dice a password to make it safer.

    Maxymizer posts a good question when asking if you're tried to login. You might just find you scared yourself a little bit more than needed.

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    Problem solved. Thanks guys. You were right about the encryption taking place prior to the exporting of the database.

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    Glad we have been of assistance.

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