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    YouTube Clone Hosting

    Hello, provides YouTube Clone hosting

    10 GB Disk Space
    100 GB Monthly Transfer
    Mplayer + Mencoder
    Libogg + Libvorbis
    LAME MP3 Encoder
    Unlimited POP3 accounts
    Unlimited E-mail Alias
    Web Mail
    Email Forwarders
    Auto Responders
    POP3 Email Accounts
    CPanel with Fantastico

    All for just: $10.00/month.

    Signup at

    Thank you and have a Great Day!

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    I don't get it. You offer YouTube clone hosting on one URL, want me to signup at another, while your homepage can be found at a third? That looks shady to me.
    hi there!

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    We have few web hosting sites, offers youtube clone hosting. is for reseller hosting, is for shared hosting. We use one billing system for all the clients, so you signup in another url.

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    » 100 GB Monthly Transfer
    » PHP
    » MySQL
    which php version is installed on ur server ?
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    PHP version is 4.4.4

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