Hello Everyone,
I have 4 ultra-appealing from SevenCube, two of which are brand new!

» This design is themed around one man operations, but can be suited for various genres.

» This design was created for a website host, and features a large customizable image that can be suited for promotions or the message you'd like to get out first.

» This design was created for a website host, and uses a modern layout while the colors are geared towards the "baby-boomer" generation.

» This design was created for a website host with classic appeal, and features an open space on the front page to post specials, promotions, or best products.

I'm looking for offers starting at $99, and a Buy-Out of $150.
- Simply post here, PM, or email me ([email protected]) for purchases.

What does the price include? Price includes all source files (PSD/HTML/CSS), exclusive rights, plus a main/sub page already created in HTML. Also, Logo Design is pre-created for you and can be customized to your company free of charge.

Can I see the subpage? Yes, just click on any of the navigational links to take you to a subpage example.

Do you do customized Templates? Yes, SevenCube can provide you with a customized template- which will provide you the same outcome (source files + html template). Saving you the costs of a fully developed website. Prices start at $199 for a custom website template designed to your specs.

What payment methods can I use PayPal payment is preferred. Can set up a credit card payment through payment if needed.

Can I be notified of new templates? Yes, sign up here to be notified 24-48hrs before anyone else- and get first dibs!

Jeff Roldan

[email protected]