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    "VERY" odd spam via ICQ

    hehe, I recieved this VERY odd spam message via ICQ today.....

    Hey James, whats up?
    I found that penis enlargement program you were
    looking for, It looks very reliable, the best thing about it
    Is that its Totally natural, There are lots of techniques
    articles & videos to help you, People inside say it totally
    changed their life, Anyway... Again, You owe big time...
    The url of the site is:

    p.s: dont worry, Jane doesnt know a thing..

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    Yes I get them all the time. I don't even bother reading ICQ messages any more. I just close them.

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    I recommend all icq users do the following.

    Click on "ICQ" on the bottom left of icq, goto Secuirty and privacy and tick all the boxes on the first page. I had it set like that for a while and was able to change it back to normal and dont get any spam.

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    E-mail netfirms saying thier abusers
    This forum officially ****ing sucks

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    haha.. well I am getting spam in my e-mail box telling me to switch to MSN Internet Service! WTF?! it says that I'm receiving it because I am a "preferred" Microsoft customer.. haha.

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    Use Trillian!
    It is free and you can have multiple accounts at the same time of ICQ f.e. and it handles AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo all in one program. AND spam is blocked!

  7. Fortunately I dont receive as much SPAM from ICQ as from my hotmail account. I get around 50 SPAMs in the latter everyday.
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