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    * - i'm desperated...


    My story with hostingle started few months ago. Since this time server was several times offline, so affected in loosing customers..

    Last few days ago i upgraded my server for a better one and paid over 300$. I'm waiting 2 days for working server but there is so many problems that im completly desperated - my customers are leaving me, my sites are loosing users and im loosing loads of money because of that. Server is online for few minutes and then down for a couple of hours. I'm trying to contact with mr nakamura but it's possible only with email. He turned off his communicators! Now i can see that emails sent to him are delayed... I asked him for recompensation of my looses but only thing what i get is i'm sorry...

    Please, help me! I want to get my money back and finish that horror for me!

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    See if you can file a claim through paypal or your credit card company, your credit card company is your best bet.


    Cut your losses and do research on WHT before you go with another host the next time.
    Email: info ///at///

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    Problem is that i paid via e-gold. Before i bought hosting on i found some reviews on the internet and they were ok.

    For now server is working again, but i'm wondering for how long. And every mail i send to mr nakamura is delayed..

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