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    Cyber Wurx - how do they treat me

    hehe... I can imagine some of you thinking about a bad review about CyberWurx, but no, this is a definitely good point for them.

    Many of you here have known Cyber Wurx / Global Compass is a small datacenter in Atlanta (in fact they manage 2 datacenters in Atlanta now, one in 56 and one in 55 Marietta street). I rent few dedicated servers there from Nov 2004. The first impress is instant support. I had servers at LayeredTech, Nocster before, but none of them has fast support like CyberWurx. Any ticket is answered within minutes, mostly in 1-5 minutes, so all the issues could be solved quickly.

    After few months, I have decided to move into colo. Chris offered me a good plan, and all customers' accounts have been switched to colo smoothly. Nothing wrong. The supporting service is still very good. There is no difference between dedicated server and colo support. Even they dont offer remote reboot, I guess I dont need it in our colo equipments. Any reboot ticket can be handled immediately, and it's free

    Recently, we faced to the earth quake in Taiwan. As we're located in Vietnam, we faced to trouble when accessing into our systems at Atlanta. However, once again, guys at Cyber Wurx help me a lot. I am working with Joe mostly about the network, and he's been working with Savvis, BTN to choose the best routes to their ip space. The ping results from 900ms was back to 300ms

    I cannot saying good enough for the guys at Cyber Wurx. I definitely recommend them for anyone. Sign up a package with them and you can see I dont lie

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    Thanks for sharing your review!

    I wonder if Chris ever sleeps.
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    We've been a co-lo customer of theirs for a long time now as well. CyberWurx is great!
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    Good to know there are also people who are willing to share positive reviews whithout being asked.

    Normally this is only the case whit negative reviews

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