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    How to acquire Web-hosting?

    I would like to build web hosting business
    anybody can help?

    Does anybody knows the dos & donts or in & outs of this biz.?

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    My suggestion is to start with a good reseller package from a reputable company with in-house support and then as you inquire experience figure out whether you like it or not.

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    If you have a good knowledge and know how to handle everything, then it just suite for you to go for a dedicated, if not then just simply pick the reseller package like bill well said.

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    A good starting point is this forum, a lot of helpful figures and tutorials and what not. Especially in the Running a Web Hosting Business section. I'd suggest you take a read through there.

    Make sure you begin with a business plan, as that will become very helpful along the way. If you have any doubts before beginning, I would probably advise you to step away as to not risk losing much, if any money at all.

    Good luck
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    As told before in this topic;

    - Starting with a solid business plan is an essential part of the beginning of a company.
    As this business plan will be your guideline through the year(s).

    - As far of the ins en outs of the hosting sector; and do's and dont's.

    When you are interested in starting a company you should do intensive research within this sector.
    You can do this by searching on webhostingtalk or through google for example.

    After you made an inventarisation and setup a business plan you should look at the best starting position.
    Do you start with an reseller package, an VPS, a dedicated server or a bought server with (managed) colocation.

    You can base this desicion on how many customers you expect in the following let's say 12 months.

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    If your going to get in the business always expect curve balls to be thrown at you. You will either already know alot about servers or learn very quickly. Make sure you have the staff to provide reliable support or you are sunk before you start.
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    He wants to start a web hosting business. He is not looking for Web Hosting plans. I thought that this thread would be in the running a web hosting business section.

    I guess I was wrong.

    On with the thread. I would start with reliable reseller plan from a company that offers good support.

    Do not get a 5.00 reseller plan as it will only get you into trouble if you are going to take on clients. Now if you are just going to learn about the control panels and experiment then I would go with a cheap host to learn but before taking on real clients that you want to retain I would get a quality provider.

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    Thread moved to Running a Web Hosting Business.

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    OK.. here's a question:

    WHY do you want to start a web hosting business?

    Why not start a dishwashing business or truck driving business or limo driving business or house cleaning or something else?

    Why do you want to do web hosting? I'm asking, because if you want to start a web hosting business and you are asking a very basic question like the "in & outs" of the business... then it probably means you don't know anything about the industry.

    In which case, you are going to waste your time and your money.
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