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    Recommend a host for high traffic forum?

    I am running a website which features a high traffic forum (or at least what I consider to be high-traffic....):

    Disk Space: 200MB
    Bandwidth: 12GB/month

    I expect all this to grow of course...

    So far I have hosted the site on which has been extremly inexpensive ($32/year!) and great. However lately the site has slowed down to a crawl to the point of becoming pretty much useless.

    This site is my business, so I am ready to put in more money for a serious host that can handle a "large" phpBB (PHP + MySQL) forum, "large" database (about 100MB) and lots of requests (our members upload and download files on a regular basis).

    With this data, is it a given that GoDaddy wasn't going to suffice? What should I look into? A dedicated server still sound overkill, right?

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    For now you will be ok with a shared level account from a reputable host (that will cost you a little more ). However look for one that will allow you to upgrade if your forum grows.
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    I think it's wiser to start from a shared hosting and then when your forum becomes bigger switсh to the other (dedi or VPS).

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    Agree with the post above, you never know how soon you forum may expand, so why to pay for something yoг won't be using. Start with shared and upgrade it when you need. However, if you have extra cash and want to secure your business project, VPS might be another option. Ther are cheap VPS packages to suit your needs.

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    You should be fine in a shared host, if your site gets bigger, a VPS will not help you, unless you plan to pay for a big one (where you get at least 1 GB of RAM assured), otherwise, the next step is a dedicated server, but so far, your site does fit on a shared account, probably you have to search about godaddy, it seems like your complain about their speed is something repeated on this forum
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    Checkout They have some great shared accounts. Never had a single problem with them. Send a support ticket with your needs and see what they have to say.

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    You should be fine with a smaller host, just find one that is known for quick loads, you'll probably have to read reviews on each host you find. My recommendation would be to stay with the smaller hosts.

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    OK, I'm going to give hostgator a try. Thanks and keep the recommendations coming if you have any other ideas?

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