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    Hetzner datacenters uptime


    I would like to move away of my current .de rootserver provider and i am looking for some alternatives.

    I find suitable Hetzner, due to multiple reasons. The only thing to scare me is that i heard their datacenters are not really so good on power uptime.

    Sample here from other thread:

    "except for the 36 hours dowtime i had due to total power failure at datacenter6 in nuremberg"

    So, does anyone knows more about such problems ? They don't have power backups, generators aso ? Why this problems ?

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    I am satisfied

    Just telling you about my six months experience with Hetzner:
    It is Great.
    No headaches, no problems and VERY well organized.
    In six months time, I just had two FW lock-outs (my fault) and could get access via their LARA system within the hour to solve the matter.
    Their low-end servers are powerful enough to run at least 4 extra virtual machines (vmware) which use an octet of IP addresses (included).
    The assistance crew speaks english, too and are professionals.
    Draw backs : this is not was we are used to with US or equivalent dedicated providers. They are different but it is worth the money spent. Well worth.
    Their support material is written in german. No problem for me but could be an issue for an english-only speaking admin although there is plenty of documentation on the net about these systems.
    I started my dedicated admin experience with serverpronto...which was a nightmare. I switched to Hetzner after reading a comment on this forum.
    My business is blooming since.
    I would gladly help you out with hetzner should you require enlightment. (taken on my free time, of course).

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    yes except for that total power failure (ull think a datacenter would have some sort of backups?) few months back they are quite good, i was a customer for over a year now

    now some customers (friend of mine) had his servers back in 4-5hours at same incident, one of mine was back in 20hours the second one 30+ hours as the sudden powerloss managed to screw up a somthing and everything had to be reinstalled

    they kept updated ( in german ) thru during the incident (il ltry digg up the all the messages posted)

    besides the above incident the uptime and network is good, support speak english and are polite and the processing power for your buck is good

    hope that helps

    oh and their bandwidth is 100mbit untill first 1TB then its 4-10mbit and you have to email them to request more bandwidth which takes 5 days or more, but a dns service wouldnt use much in your case i think

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    Thaqnks for your replies...

    Now, about that total power downtime... What caused this ?

    And yeah, a good DC is supposed to have power backups...

    I lost myself a HDD into UCLO DC power failure... This seems to be a very dangerous situation, especially if u have lot of applications installed over server...

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    heres a translated version i fished out of my inbox

    Welcomes to the Hetzner status-web page
    Announcements and current disturbance-news from our computer centers are published in this web site. May you get an e-mail-notification with disturbance-news? Register exclusively as Hetzner-Kunde in your administration-surface.

    09.10.06-06:15 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    From not clarified cause, our RZ6/7 is without power supply at present. We are at the location of the disturbance-cause.

    09.10.06-07:15 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    The power supply was restored for most servers just. We examining at present the cause, and takes the outlandish systems again in operation. The RZ6b is not yet attainable from network-view. We are with the troubleshooting.

    09.10.06-07:35 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    RZ6b is again attainable. There is still a small net-segment, which is without power supply. All other should work again.

    09.10.06-08:04 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    We work off all systems at present, which didn't go automatically again online. We process everything with HOP systems on that occasion as a matter of priority. Please have Verständniss that we cannot meet any statement at present when individual systems become again available.

    09.10.06-08:12 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    The Rescue system is not again yet available. Please don't use the Rescue system in the moment! In the RZ6 is approximately Flirted 400 servers not yet again at present at the power supply. The cancellation with these systems will still last some hours. Here, extensive repair-measures are necessary in the power supply.

    09.10.06-08:42 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    A first Diagnosse yielded that a short originated in a central stream-distribution-installation. The concerned distribution-segment was separated from the rest of the net, and the remaining power supply was placed again under tension. Our house-technology works on the repair of the distribution.

    09.10.06-09:35 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    The works for the distribution in the RZ6 almost are completed. Within the next 15 minutes, the tension should be again available with the remaining systems.

    09.10.06-10:40 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    The tension-supply is restored for all servers meanwhile. We had pure-ness with a net-segment in the RZ6b at intervals. That now is remedied. We now work servers, which didn't start automatically again, on the systematic checkup of sämmtlicher. We cannot process any individual support-inquiries at present unfortunately

    09.10.06-11:04 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    Our Rescue system still is out of order unfortunately. We work on it.

    09.10.06-11:24 o'clock: RZ6/7 blackout.
    The complete RZ6 was from the blackout and with it many many thousand servers concerned. It will last before-out-visibly until into the late evening, controls all servers until us and brought again at the net. All servers which automatically right starts, is again on-line meanwhile. As soon as we all servers of the sequence after controlled, we will start individelle to process support-inquiries. But this will still last several hours until we are ready.

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    hi folks,

    I was also interested to read about Hetzner asI was thinking of signing up for an account. Currently I'm using around 1200-1500GB per month for my sites.

    I read on the hetzner website (the english translation) that after 1000GB, you can request a further 250GB via their control panel, is this simply sending an email to request an additional bandwidth and waiting the 5+ days as you said MIHD? or is this now automated and if so are you alerted to let you know that your server has been capped?

    Hope that made sense.


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    actually its not strict 1TB the speed didnt go down till after ~1400GB i believe

    there was no email telling you your capped as such, just teh speeds plunged to about 3mbit, but you can set the control panel to email you after whatever daily/weekly limits you want to set

    took a while to find the option in the control panel (its all in german) which involves filling out a form which is emailed to their support and they confirmed to me that its a manual process and takes 5 days,

    today would be the 6th day and still nothing on this server the max i can get to/from other hetzner servers is 250KB/s so its a good bit less than 10mbit advertised! and slower to other places, go figure, i dont really mind as i only expected to use 1-2TB on thsi a month as i was using the server as back up and it wasnt too hard to go over 1TB considering there are 2x300GB drives, an older server i have with them has 3TB monthly limit, 19cent per gig above that but i never used even a tenth of that as it just a database box and the processing power is nice for the price

    the also have a separate deal where they confirmed to me you pay 0.08€ per GB above 1TB on their separate oversold value network
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    thanks for the speedy response.

    sounds like I may look elsewhere if it takes that long to uncap back to 100mbit, looking around so, plently more fish in the sea ;-)

    appreciate the info mihd.


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    ******** great all servers unreachable! their website down as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmstasse
    Draw backs : this is not was we are used to with US or equivalent dedicated providers. They are different but it is worth the money spent.
    what is the difference if i may ask?

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