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    Looking for dedicated server with verizon ip address

    Hi all.

    Just looking for the cheap dedicated server with Verizone ip address and bandwidth.

    Server with clean linux system and ssh access is ok.

    Please suggest it for me..
    Email : [email protected]
    --try out what we have..

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    Is there any particular reason you want an IP owned by verizon...?

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    I suggest you look through google SERP.
    There you are.
    Maybe it will help you anyhow.

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    Well. we just have some customers want a proxy with premium verizon bandwidth. I guess they want to act like a verizon bandwidth user.

    I'm looking for the multihomed small datacenter rather then the big dc like planet..

    homebased tier 1 provider is also great..

    Just dont want the ip address showed dc name in ARIN database..
    Email : [email protected]
    --try out what we have..

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